Monday, November 11, 2013



Observation alone can attest to the truth of the Christian faith.

Two distinct peoples rule the Earth, and have from at least 1000 AD: Jews, whose history and testimonies in Scripture date from earlier than 1500 BC, and Christians, who believe in a Jewish Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, and follow a set of writings that date from the first century AD. Taken together, the Old Testament of the Jews, which includes the Torah, and the New Testament of the Christians forms the Bible, of which there are over 6 billion copies in the world today.

Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.

Odd, isn't it, that not only does this man's birth divide time as we know it, but that the very people whose civilizations dominate the entire world still identify with him, and in fact conquered the world in his name? And to this day, are not Christian and Jew virtually inseparable?

How can anyone who objectively observes these things, as they have developed across time and space through the story of  human civilization, not see plainly before them that this Bible  that both Jews and Christians hold as the very word of God Almighty, speaks the truth.

This is the truth it speaks: That all of "Christian" civilization is the Harlot. Babylon the Great? She is that seething, insatiable, and devouring monster spreading it's filth across the globe, the filth that is greed, that is progress, that is expansion of capital, commerce, advertising, depleting, corroding, polluting, and connecting to the filth that is Prostitution--doing anything and everything for money. Not one country or one nation, but a hideous, festering Harlot that is these "Christian" nations and their seductive exploitation of the world around them through power, pride, and ruthless ambition--yes, in Jesus' name.

Look around. Christian nations and "Christian" people are destroying the planet now, to the point where we no longer have any real time left to stop it. 15 years? 20? What does this say to the Christian? What does it say about the world we've constructed, the policies we have pursued, the laws that we have written? What manner of people are we that call ourselves Christian when we have colluded with the most spoiling of vices and colored it a virtue, that being idolatry, or worshipping the work of our hands, all the while paying little heed to the utter desolation that we have brought upon peoples and cultures, empires and continents, so that this day only "Christianity" is truly to blame for the desolation of the Earth, because it was Christians who did it. Sooner or later they will throw us off, these peoples of the world, and well that they should for what we have done to them.

The observation I make is that this is exactly what the Bible says is going to happen, and we can see it starting to happen already with the continuing financial crisis, the horrific environmental crisis at Fukushima, and a growing list of enemies in the East. To my eyes, the Bible is the truth.

In which case, what does this say  about Jesus of Nazareth?

That He is the Christ. And all over the world His birth is acknowledged, just as all over the world His death is acknowledged, along with His resurrection, even today, two thousand years later.

But don't take my word for it.

See for yourself.