Wednesday, August 13, 2014

                                         Leathal Coffee Declaration of Inter-dependence

Over the last few weeks initiatives for greater combine teamwork, such as combine attacks on depots, combine challenges, and even the possibility of securing a Mining Complex have been floated. Of the initiatives, only the depot assault came to fruition in the way of execution, and then the CEO was directly involved. However, not only has the CEO, Lars, not been consistently available, but concerns within the combine have had to met during those absences.
Because certain challenges have been met, even without the availability of our CEO, we feel it speaks to the leadership as a whole that Leathal Coffee has remained strong and has advanced to the extent that supplying one another, defending one another, and aiding one another has not been an issue.  Our intercommunication independent of the CEO has greatly improved, and has generated not only an atmosphere of reliance and confidence in each other, but also a feeling of respect.  Nonetheless, we feel that greater leeway for the leadership, specifically the Operations Officers, is necessary to advance the interests of the combine as a whole.
Therefore, in the interests of advancing as a combine, the officers of Leathal Coffee offer the following proposals to strengthen our leadership, to edify our teamwork, and establish a more effective and lasting combine for our current associates, our allies, and our future members.
1. 3 Operations Officers Vote To Execute Provision:
a. This provision allows any three O.O.'s to initiate alliances, challenges, and similar actions, up to but not including war with another combine( a challenge being a contest and not an actual war) as a vote.  Any and all decisions can be cleared with the CEO, but if said CEO remains unavailable for more than 3 days, Operations Officers will have the authority to act on behalf of the CEO and combine in such instances.
b. Such decisions, upon approval, will be transmitted to the rest of the combine through both the in-game messaging system and the FB page. All such approvals made will likewise be directly communicated to the CEO in all available avenues.
c. If such decisions, as are approved, are met with clear opposition by any other members, that issue will be summarily discussed and the action terminated if not endorsed by the combine as a whole.
2. Acting Head of Combine Status Endorsed:
a. This proposal provides for the CEO to appoint ONE Operations Officers as the de facto head of combine in the event of a prolonged absence( 3+ days). This status is, of course, transferable to any other Operations Officer by the CEO at any given time.  The purpose is to provide for the combine a substitute head for any issues arising during the absence of the CEO that would require unilateral command, both for the combine as a whole and/or any allies or enemies who desire immediate rectification of outstanding issues. In the context of the 3-Votes provision, said HoC would be considered solely an O.O. where voting on actions is concerned, and such authority would not strip any O.O.'s of their right to initiate actions.
b. Such authority, if granted, can be cancelled by any missive whatsoever by the CEO, whether by in-game mail, chat, email, FB post, or any other means, and would be effective immediately upon receipt of said missive from the CEO.
c. Said Head of Combine would only use the authority in the context of the security and viability of the combine, and would not for these purposes have the power to boot members, or to otherwise discipline any member of the combine.
These proposals allow for the leadership body to act against raiders and sort out improprieties' just as we have been doing, but it also allows us to act without waiting for the direct sanction of the CEO.
We, the leadership of Leathal Coffee, cannot stress enough our respect for you, Lars, our CEO. You have guided this combine into a great position to launch forward. We want to launch forward! These proposals are in no way an indictment of your leadership. Rather, they show the confidence you have inspired and a desire to achieve that goal you have always stated so clearly: " one day hold a Mining Complex."
We all share that ambition and we are anxious to pursue it.
Thank you,

Leathal Coffee Command

Monday, November 11, 2013



Observation alone can attest to the truth of the Christian faith.

Two distinct peoples rule the Earth, and have from at least 1000 AD: Jews, whose history and testimonies in Scripture date from earlier than 1500 BC, and Christians, who believe in a Jewish Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, and follow a set of writings that date from the first century AD. Taken together, the Old Testament of the Jews, which includes the Torah, and the New Testament of the Christians forms the Bible, of which there are over 6 billion copies in the world today.

Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.

Odd, isn't it, that not only does this man's birth divide time as we know it, but that the very people whose civilizations dominate the entire world still identify with him, and in fact conquered the world in his name? And to this day, are not Christian and Jew virtually inseparable?

How can anyone who objectively observes these things, as they have developed across time and space through the story of  human civilization, not see plainly before them that this Bible  that both Jews and Christians hold as the very word of God Almighty, speaks the truth.

This is the truth it speaks: That all of "Christian" civilization is the Harlot. Babylon the Great? She is that seething, insatiable, and devouring monster spreading it's filth across the globe, the filth that is greed, that is progress, that is expansion of capital, commerce, advertising, depleting, corroding, polluting, and connecting to the filth that is Prostitution--doing anything and everything for money. Not one country or one nation, but a hideous, festering Harlot that is these "Christian" nations and their seductive exploitation of the world around them through power, pride, and ruthless ambition--yes, in Jesus' name.

Look around. Christian nations and "Christian" people are destroying the planet now, to the point where we no longer have any real time left to stop it. 15 years? 20? What does this say to the Christian? What does it say about the world we've constructed, the policies we have pursued, the laws that we have written? What manner of people are we that call ourselves Christian when we have colluded with the most spoiling of vices and colored it a virtue, that being idolatry, or worshipping the work of our hands, all the while paying little heed to the utter desolation that we have brought upon peoples and cultures, empires and continents, so that this day only "Christianity" is truly to blame for the desolation of the Earth, because it was Christians who did it. Sooner or later they will throw us off, these peoples of the world, and well that they should for what we have done to them.

The observation I make is that this is exactly what the Bible says is going to happen, and we can see it starting to happen already with the continuing financial crisis, the horrific environmental crisis at Fukushima, and a growing list of enemies in the East. To my eyes, the Bible is the truth.

In which case, what does this say  about Jesus of Nazareth?

That He is the Christ. And all over the world His birth is acknowledged, just as all over the world His death is acknowledged, along with His resurrection, even today, two thousand years later.

But don't take my word for it.

See for yourself.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

You Just Don’t Get It


It’s been fashionable of late—and certainly over the last three years—to denounce and denigrate the financial sector generally and bankers particularly. It’s a fair reaction in most respects, given the circumstances, but frequently I hear some of the same dire prophecies announced by the loudest and most persistent of these detractors, prophecies that seem to me to be so much frustration and resentment but not very heavy on honest circumspection and a broad appreciation of the real state of affairs.

I can give some easy examples of what I’m talking about. Washington’s Blog, for instance(, though very good at peeling away all of the awful layers of official and corporate greed and corruption, tends to end some his analysis with the familiar dire fate that awaits the “bankers” responsible for destroying the economy. It’s a reasonable accusation, but a poor conclusion. I am reminded of the many conspiracy theorists who conclude passages about specific, heroic figures who were mysteriously killed or disappeared just before they were about to blow it wide open! Of course! And the usual point about “if the American people knew what they were planning…” All very familiar, all very nice, neat , and tidy, all the ducks in a row from problem, injustice, culprit, and the path to justice clearly outlined.

Mind you, I am not calling into question at all the crimes of the accused, and for me the accused represents the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world. And likewise I am not saying that these scoundrels don’t deserve their due—I am saying they will never get their due, is all. These ideas of the people rising up and taking down their oppressor are cute little tirades, sometimes polite and other times downright crude. Take a recent example I pulled from Naked Capitalism, but originally posted on Market Ticker:

Why intelligent critics of the status quo think this mass uprising could occur, or that the “bankers” are going to somehow roll over and die, is beyond me. What is missing, and consistently missing in my opinion, is the facts as we surmise them;

  • the largest financial institutions in this country donate generously to the campaigns of our elected representatives—they have done so for decades and they do so because it is simply good business
  • these representatives shape law and policy from all three branches of the United States Federal Government—the idea that they are so easily “duped”, “deceived”, or “corrupted” independent of their own free will is a juvenile fiction at best and a willfully blind ignorance at worst. Trust me, folks, they know exactly what they’re doing
  • the government of the United States under the Constitution(whether actually in force, in whole or in part, or not) is defended by the most advanced and most powerful military machine the world has ever seen. It is highly trained in combat operations of every kind and has, of late, been training specifically to deal with “domestic disturbances”( Again, the notion that a rabble of concerned citizens will one day, under extreme duress, overthrow “the bankers” that have driven them to poverty, when these same “bankers” are basically helping to run the table, is a lucid fantasy.
  • Nothing of this sort happened in 1929, 1933, or 1937, all times when the very fabric of the nation seemed to be getting torn to pieces from every side. During the Great Depression the “bankers” were making out about as well they are now—which would be very good. There was unrest, there were strikes, the Progressives, Socialists, Communists, and Anarchists saw swelling ranks, but the mass of the populace just kept on keepin’ on…
  • this pervasive matrix we are all in has nine lives, and as soon you expose one or two tentacles and cut them off, six or seven more—having been seething in the underbelly waiting for air—take their place. It is all smoke and mirrors, parlor tricks, and sleight of hand. They have the media, the bread, the circuses, the left, the right, the center, and all points in between. Everything happens for a reason, and generally the reason is bad for common folks. They know how to steer the herd, people, they’ve been doing it for quite some time!
  • any actual attempt to physically oppose the policies of the institution will be met with savage violence, incarceration, and/or murder outright. Let’s not forget that this government knows how to deal with dissidents, no matter how large their number. People in the streets is exactly what they want to happen! This only serves to accelerate the process we are in right now, which is….
  • the process of creating the new world, pruning the excess population, and using the depressed energies and angers of an entire generation for the mass production of war goods and the military takeover of vast patches of a recalcitrant Earth—this nation included! For there to be global parity, there must be sacrifice in the West. You want industry? Be a slave! You want jobs? Sell away your rights! You want to keep your children from starving? Sign right here to become wards of the state where you will be housed, fed, and protected(from whom? that rabble in the streets of course, who are threatening “democracy”) 

There will be another crash. I don’t argue that. It is obvious that the situation in Europe is not only unsustainable, but irretrievable as well. The situation in the US is much worse, but we are not as pressured by outside influences—yet. Nonetheless, expect the market crash to occur some time in the near future. This will complete the pillage of all the pensions, the health care benefits, the stock portfolios, the Medicare and Social Security funds, EVERYTHING! It is the art of slow-play. They know which bricks to pull out, which leads to strengthen, which ideas to either denigrate or promote, so that while everyone is waiting for the “collapse” they forget that the coming “collapse” will be just as well orchestrated as the first one in 2008, only this one will be much more complete(for lack of a better word). It will leave an economically distraught nation in shambles and unable to serve the desperate needs of it’s people except by mass federated control of everything.

Don’t get too upset, though, because you will be begging them to do it, just like you will be begging them to raise taxes, to curtail or eliminate so many clean air, clean water, and environmental regulations. When the majority of the population is starving and the government can do little or nothing to “save” them, drastic measures will be taken to save the economy, save the nation, and save the future---and the beauty of it all is that the bankers become the saviors, the politicians become the saints, and we all grovel at their feet begging for what little scraps we plead from them. Why? Because it will just be that bad.

Not the endgame you were expecting? Sorry. But if you think these clever folks haven’t worked this all out in their heads already, if you think the mass media is suddenly going to report Truth and demand Justice the way the guardians of liberty should, and if you think the largest corporations that have manipulated laws and regulations for private profit for two hundred years are simply going to pack up and go home, then YOU JUST DON’T GET IT!

Think about it.

Understand it.

Be prepared.

It isn’t going to happen the way everybody seems to think it is. They are all way too clever for that!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Anarchist Solidarity with the Greeks

This is an appeal to help the anarchists in Greece who are now being threatened by the establishment for their opposition to continued austerity measures in that country meant to balance an unbalancable budget and make sure that bloated financial interests get their money--in blood if they must.

The struggle in Greece and in Europe as a whole--in Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, and Italy particularly--is a clear precurser to what we can expect in the United States. While the public image of anarchists as portrayed by popular media is one of simple thugs and terrorists, in reality anarchists have a clear view of the weight that government bears on the working class while it remains an instrument of coercion, extortion, and hostility in the hands of the wealthy and powerful---international finance, central banks, and global corporate elite.

Even as this struggle unfolds in Europe, and continues in the United States, President Obama and a cohort of globalist allies are continuing to craft the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP), an insidiuous new take on "free-trade" that is being stewed to fruition by 600 international corporations and 11 nations that ring the Pacific Ocean. This battle for social and economic justice has only just begun around the world.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jesus Or Mohammed?


(This is a response to a Youtube post concerning Zeitgeist, Religion and Sunday; as usual, a video filled with outright falsehoods and inaccuracies, and leveling the familiar anti-semetic cry of “corrupt Jews”. My original response would not be posted by Facebook, and my account froze immediately after my attempt to post this response. I present it here in full.)


Gotta say, a good bit o horse shit going on here. The coming of Christ was prophesied by Isaiah, by Moses, by Daniel, by Jeremiah, etc. When he says "If you have seen me you have seen the Father", what do you think he meant? When he is called the "Lamb of God", what do you think is inferred? Yeshua Mesha=Jesus Christ, and we know, likewise, that the bulk of the New testament books were already being copied and distributed before 70 AD and the fall of the temple--the fall prophesied by Christ in three of the four gospels. When Christianity is brought into disrepute by the idea that from copies and translations you have lost the truth, and that there is no historical proof of Christ, the New Testament is in actuality 27 sepaerate historical documents relating to Christ, THREE OF WHICH ARE EYE-WITNESS ACCOUNTS! Furthermore, the entire idea about "Sunday" and December 25 is spurious from the get-go because there is NOTHING in Bible to say that Christ was born on "Christmas", nor is there any way that ancient Egyptians would have had a "Decemeber" in the first place. It is a ROMAN month representing the TENTH month of the year, shifted to the 12th month so that July and August could represent Julius and Augustus Caesar. That the early Christians met on the First Day(not called by "sunday" by them as they were Jewish) was representative of Christs resurrection on the First Day, and there is no indication at all that these Jewish believers ever stopped hoinoring the Sabbath. Finally, the last bit about "corrupt Jews and Romans" is flat out uneducated crap. Christ is the Hebrew/Jewish Messiah. His death was foretold, as was his resurrection. He knew he would be rejected. Just read Daniel 9 and you'll see what the angel told Daniel about the Messiah's coming. Likewise, once the Apostle Paul took the message to the Gentiles the religion spread beyond measure--NOT because of the "corrupt Jews and Romans" but IN SPITE OF THEM! Very disappointing to see another instance of disinformative drivel on Youtube. Almost done here. About Islam. Mohammud went into the desert and came back with HIS OWN WRITINGS about God honoring him. Christ wrote NOT A SINGLE WORD. Odd that the Quran must be memorized, seeing as, like Joseph Smith, this guy cooked up a new religion and fed it to the misguided masses. If, as he said, Mohammud were from the same as Abraham, Moses, and Christ, HE WOULD HAVE PREACHED JESUS CHRIST AS SAVIOR! He did not. He took the Tora and perverted it to his own will and then passed it off as the WORD OF GOD. Sorry, just not buying it. I have no gripe with Islam or Mulsims, except that stumble where they try to equate their faith with that of the Old Testament and the Bible. Just not true. All you have to do is read from the Bible and the read from the Quran and you will see the difference. There is one name I know of by which men are saved--GRANTED THE GRACE OF FORGIVENESS FROM SINS TO BE SEEN AS HOLY AND JUST IN THE EYES OF ALMIGHTY GOD BASED SOLELY ON THE BLOOD OF THE SINLESS LAMB OF GOD--Jesus the Christ, Yeshua Mesha, Joshua Messiah. This is no other name.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Early Christmas Present



There he stopped, where it was icy and it was cold. The winds were picking up out of the west, chilling and brutal, and he wasn’t quite convinced he was ready for winter. Nonetheless, he shrugged up his rifle to his shoulder and glanced up at the yawning, innocently blue sky. Isn’t it Christmas time soon?

The troops were getting rowdy and uncomfortable. The enemy seemed to be everywhere all at once. The last thing he could have imagined was Christmas. And he shrugged again a bit, as much at another gust of cold weather as at the whole idea of the holiday. It was a double edged sword, really. It’s refreshing that everyone is so nice, but doesn’t the extra effort suggest that they could have been this nice all year? In any case, out in the mountains it didn’t really matter much. Reflecting on it at all only made him think of warmth. His burning fireplace, his smiling wife, and their snuggled children all came to his mind, like some errand he suddenly realized he’d forgotten to do. He had trained himself not to think too much about them, as hard as it may sound. But it was better to do that, rather than become distracted and get yourself killed. At that moment, however, as he gazed down the mountain at the boulders and trees, logs, and streams, he indulged in a moment. A Christmas present, he decided, even if it was a little early.

The warmth of it carried him down from the ridge a ways. He could see his sergeant's colors through the lower tree line. Three or four horsemen guarded the headquarters nearby as a brigade of volunteers were pulling a line of cannon over the Delaware River.

“Everything is to be in order by 1200 hours, Captain,” he was told. “General Washington will be here for inspection.”

“Yes sir,” he answered with a salute.

Merry Christmas. Now, back to the war.