Wednesday, August 13, 2014

                                         Leathal Coffee Declaration of Inter-dependence

Over the last few weeks initiatives for greater combine teamwork, such as combine attacks on depots, combine challenges, and even the possibility of securing a Mining Complex have been floated. Of the initiatives, only the depot assault came to fruition in the way of execution, and then the CEO was directly involved. However, not only has the CEO, Lars, not been consistently available, but concerns within the combine have had to met during those absences.
Because certain challenges have been met, even without the availability of our CEO, we feel it speaks to the leadership as a whole that Leathal Coffee has remained strong and has advanced to the extent that supplying one another, defending one another, and aiding one another has not been an issue.  Our intercommunication independent of the CEO has greatly improved, and has generated not only an atmosphere of reliance and confidence in each other, but also a feeling of respect.  Nonetheless, we feel that greater leeway for the leadership, specifically the Operations Officers, is necessary to advance the interests of the combine as a whole.
Therefore, in the interests of advancing as a combine, the officers of Leathal Coffee offer the following proposals to strengthen our leadership, to edify our teamwork, and establish a more effective and lasting combine for our current associates, our allies, and our future members.
1. 3 Operations Officers Vote To Execute Provision:
a. This provision allows any three O.O.'s to initiate alliances, challenges, and similar actions, up to but not including war with another combine( a challenge being a contest and not an actual war) as a vote.  Any and all decisions can be cleared with the CEO, but if said CEO remains unavailable for more than 3 days, Operations Officers will have the authority to act on behalf of the CEO and combine in such instances.
b. Such decisions, upon approval, will be transmitted to the rest of the combine through both the in-game messaging system and the FB page. All such approvals made will likewise be directly communicated to the CEO in all available avenues.
c. If such decisions, as are approved, are met with clear opposition by any other members, that issue will be summarily discussed and the action terminated if not endorsed by the combine as a whole.
2. Acting Head of Combine Status Endorsed:
a. This proposal provides for the CEO to appoint ONE Operations Officers as the de facto head of combine in the event of a prolonged absence( 3+ days). This status is, of course, transferable to any other Operations Officer by the CEO at any given time.  The purpose is to provide for the combine a substitute head for any issues arising during the absence of the CEO that would require unilateral command, both for the combine as a whole and/or any allies or enemies who desire immediate rectification of outstanding issues. In the context of the 3-Votes provision, said HoC would be considered solely an O.O. where voting on actions is concerned, and such authority would not strip any O.O.'s of their right to initiate actions.
b. Such authority, if granted, can be cancelled by any missive whatsoever by the CEO, whether by in-game mail, chat, email, FB post, or any other means, and would be effective immediately upon receipt of said missive from the CEO.
c. Said Head of Combine would only use the authority in the context of the security and viability of the combine, and would not for these purposes have the power to boot members, or to otherwise discipline any member of the combine.
These proposals allow for the leadership body to act against raiders and sort out improprieties' just as we have been doing, but it also allows us to act without waiting for the direct sanction of the CEO.
We, the leadership of Leathal Coffee, cannot stress enough our respect for you, Lars, our CEO. You have guided this combine into a great position to launch forward. We want to launch forward! These proposals are in no way an indictment of your leadership. Rather, they show the confidence you have inspired and a desire to achieve that goal you have always stated so clearly: " one day hold a Mining Complex."
We all share that ambition and we are anxious to pursue it.
Thank you,

Leathal Coffee Command

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  1. This has not been presented to Lars as yet. I need everyones' go ahead first.