Monday, March 28, 2011


The evidence of Man’s iniquity is in religion.
From the moment of his awakening through writing, Man has acknowledged a higher power. Perhaps this Power is called by “God”, or some similar Prime Deity, and Man in spite of his own ability has consistently bowed to this perceived “greater-ness”.  From where did Man derive guilt but from consciousness, and where from consciousness but knowledge of oneself.
Sin is when ability supersedes necessity.
Man finds guilt in desire, knowing he Can take even if he does not Need to. Man is what he is on account of desire. Knowing his guilt he acknowledges God, not as an idea, but as an Entity, Perfection in a Person.
All Would Speak Truth But For Fear.
Truth has always been the standard of Man.
Every voice could speak truth openly, yet other powers exist to induce Fear that they should. Those powers are both internal and external. Man’s God has reinforced the notion of Truth as an Absolute, and a measuring of his own standing. In this it is an acknowledgement of forces other than God that operate. We hold back knowing the consequences of Absolute Truth.
What is Mankind for, but God?
The existence we have here is inexplicable to naked facts. It doesn’t make any sense. Six thousand years after his Awakening Man has yet to understand from whence he came. What is Truth? What is God? What is Love? These ideas have been at the core of every human civilization. They are universal questions that Man will always struggle with. That Man struggles is not the issue. It is whether anyone else is taking notice.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Setting A Dangerous Precedent

With 112 missiles fired in the opening hours of this police action by a new UN Coalition against Libya, one might be feeling a little bit like its 1999. In that year a NATO Coalition attacked Serbia in response to that government’s retaliation against the subversive Kosovo Liberation Army. A three month campaign ensued that weakened the Milosevic regime and prevented—theoretically—an “ethnic cleansing” by Serbia of its’ Albanian people. No direct invasion, just an air campaign that can paralyze the victim, rendering them susceptible to domestic insurrection or any future ground assault that might be needed.
At the time of the Kosovo conflict it was a devious move by a thus far non-interventionist NATO.  Clearly    the voice of this suffering minority mattered more than others in that these sovereign nations saw fit to apply strict military discipline to a nation and leader suspected of committing genocide. Today we are engaging Libya in the same way, only this time it is to “protect civilians”. By a revealing “twist” on the logic of this particular “crusade”, the Darfur region of Sudan is just a few thousand miles from Libya and is directly south of Egypt. The people of Darfur have been pleading for years for someone to help them as the Sudanese government continues to employ Janjaweed death squads and massacres to intimidate the population. Estimates of the total casualties since the Darfur rebellion began in 2003 are 200-400,000.
In other words, the stated aim of the current coalition is obviously prejudiced and self-serving. On one hand the UN gets to kill some people while scaring the crap out of Quaddafi, and on the other the oil companies and their investors not only have their stash protected, but they get bonus dollars made off of the conflict due to the increase in oil prices. We haven’t even begun to discuss the obvious currency effects that can be played for additional profit! Why does the United Nations have a right—or even a mission—to arbitrarily intervene in matters where civilian lives are at risk? If we go by such a measure, how is the non-intervention in Darfur justified? Even as NATO jets were sending innocent civilians to their deaths to protect them, the US and Britain were maintaining their own “no-fly zone” over Iraq, an exercise that provided their pilots the opportunity to attack anything moving and let the politicians sort it out.
Of course, the aggression is mutual in Libya. There is a civil war going on, just like in Sudan. Only this time, the UN has decided to add aggression to aggression rather than mediate a cessation between both sides and promote a solution. If civilian casualties are a serious concern of the UN, so much so as to single out one aggressor over another, why are the repeated drone missile strikes by the US against civilians in NW Pakistan and Afghanistan “off the table”? Why do the Columbian military and the Israeli military not suffer reprisal from the UN when they are clearly killing their own civilians?
Consider yourselves warned—once again the UN has demonstrated   the amazing power of selective memory and selective response. Any weak, unliked, or uncooperative nation could face the wrath of the manipulated United Nations, and equally the arcane Security Council of the Allied Powers of World War Two. If I were Iran, I would be sitting most uncomfortably.
As it is, we can expect further violence out of Israel and the Occupied Territories as well as outright crackdowns and wipe-outs in other Middle East nations. Not only do we have the Libyan attack on the TV, we have the nuclear crisis in Japan, the descent of Charlie Sheen, the ruin of the world economy, and eventually a war of epic proportions.
How so, this war?
Many African and Middle East nations are finding a more just and respectable association with China than they had with the West. Sooner or later the events in the Middle East are going to invite a response from China, and when that happens, China will have seized the richest oil areas on Earth and made itself—with relative ease—the new Superpower. That’s what happens when a bankrupt system of debt crushes the global economy. Wealth evaporates, governments collapse, and the world becomes a different place.
It’s been a while since such a change. Maybe 1989-90, only this time on a larger scale. These days, it seems like the entire world is just boiling under the surface, waiting to explode.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Age of Perpetual Disaster

Perpetual Disaster seems to be the new normal, at least in those disasters whose resolution hinges on man made structures. This current crisis is similar to the Gulf oil fiasco that seemed to get worse and worse everyday. It is the same slow motion escalation of events, moments of fear met by long periods of silent foreboding. In the case of the Gulf oil spill, it's magnitude wasn't appreciated early on, yet when investigations were made in earnest, the earliest estimates were found to be severely off the mark.
How could it not be the same here, where potentially six nuclear reactors may all be leaking radiation in the course of meltdown? The question is not if it could happened, but "Can we trust them to tell us if it already has happened?" Clearly a number of foreign governments do not trust the spokespersons for either the Japanese government or the Tokyo electricity company that runs the reactors. That so many are readily dismissive can only mean that the disaster is a clear threat, not only for the immediate time, but potential weeks or even months into the future.
A wave of radiation is about to sweep perpetually over the United States, California specifically! Our nation is in REAL DANGER and our government seems to be doing very little about it aside from coaching on the sidelines. No, the chance to smack around Qaddafi is too good to miss, and there are other issues besides the possible radioactive destruction of the northern hemisphere, like a trip to South America or sparring with the Congressional Budget Office.

Ask yourself, "What is being done, or needs to be done, to secure the reactors in Japan, and who is in charge of doing it?"
"What actions are being taken by the Federal Government on this crisis, as it is a clear threat to the United States?"
"Are there procedures in effect to deal with any quarantine of radiated areas or facilities that might assist in the care and supervision of victims of radiation exposure?"
"Are we taking the situation seriously enough, given ramifications that are absolutely detrimental to the country as this drama continues?"

One thing can be asked: if there is able to be seen imagery from satellites that could clearly illustrate the growth and path of the radiation around the reactors as winds take it to and fro? Then we would have an accurate estimate of dose and proximity for each wave of radiation. Whether or not this has been done, can be done, or is available elsewhere--let me know!
But thus far there is no indication that a "cloud" or concentration of radiation is imminent. although the risk increases with each passing day, especially as there is no clear "endgame" in sight. With the Internet and social media, such a revelation would spread like wildfire.

For now,  just like the Gulf oil spill, we are paused and watching, fearful of the reality we're told about, yet more frightened for what isn't being said. In this case, it is the health of our people, our economy, and our well-being as a continent that is at stake.
Anxious, I watch and I wait...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Black-Holing In On Itself

It is in times such as these, more so than in "better" times, that all we perceive comes down to Truth.
On either side of political beliefs there is the conviction of one's own truth as opposed to the other's, each certain that they are holding to the "truest" principals. Law is stretched this way and that in order to make enforce one or other "truths", so to speak. And religion, the heartbeat of a human beings most intimate concept of order in the universe, hinges solely upon Truth.
It all boils down to who and what we believe in.
If our times could speak any one word, that it could echo across the coming decades, that word would be "deceit". Deceit in the media, deceit in the leadership, and deceit in the marketplace. All else plastic and recyclable is held up in grinning faces, pacifier films, and colored charts to the background of primitive music. It must be accepted that words from any government can not be trusted. If they have proved so futile up until now, why should any new promises, declarations, or reports change what has already been established as a trend?
Now we are hearing that the financial tsunami is rolling and our shores are ill-equipped to withstand it. A tsunami? Indeed, of abandoned Dollars coming in from the Middle East, Europe, and China. A literal flood of excess money, which is the absolute cause of inflation. Oil is going up, as there is a critical energy producing region being fed flames by it's western masters. The effect should certainly instigate the already savage eventuality of a fragile global economic construct black-holing on it's own enormous debt.
This is scary stuff.
If I could ask one thing, however, it is for our truths to be our own. We take comfort in it, and it shelters us from collapsing into the basest of creatures in the worst of times. I will take pride in my God, and you should all do the same. Don't worry about our opinions, because as this unfolds it is our shared humanity, our shared sense of self and others that our faith tells us to cherish. We have a truth, and it is our foundation.
Our own Truth, be it religion or no, our own personal truth is our guide. We must not allow our society, our neighborhoods--our civilization--to be devoured by the corrupt. If our collective law has failed us, it is not because we do not have Law even among ourselves. It is already part of our fabric as human beings. Our law is a law of freedom, justice, and truth. Not for myself, but for others. We will need this. We will need to cling, at times desperately, to our humanity.
When the pundits drag in the cameras and their commentary to the burning streets of the United States of America, show them the honor, show them the integrity, and the strength of our people that we held together. In towns and villages, rural and urban, let them find the working man, the working woman, the people of the land, organizing for their own general welfare. Not because we will want to, but because we will need to.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Peter Schiff Blog: CNBC Video: The Rug Is Going to be Pulled Out

Peter Schiff Blog: CNBC Video: The Rug Is Going to be Pulled Out: "Peter Schiff`s comments on the economy, stock markets, politics and gold. Schiff is the renowned writer of the bestseller Crash Proof: Ho..."

Notice the last comments by the host:
"Corporate profits have never been higher, so we can disregard his view."

Why have corprate profits never been higher? Is because they are operating at 50% of their workforce from two years ago and steadily increasing their productivity--while not paying sick days, holidays, or vacations? Is it because the Federal Reserve under Ben Bernanke has used his quantitative easing scheme to bolster commodity prices in order to "jump start" the economy(or, more clearly, create a false sense of recovery?)?

It's a sham, and shame on CNBC for perpetuating this BS while federal and state governments are trying vainly to pump all this debt water out of their flooded basements!

Why are these states in so much debt?
Because they refuse to tax the wealthiest citizens, and instead are attempting to cut their budgets by making everyone else suffer.

God bless America--our leaders sure haven't!