Monday, March 28, 2011


The evidence of Man’s iniquity is in religion.
From the moment of his awakening through writing, Man has acknowledged a higher power. Perhaps this Power is called by “God”, or some similar Prime Deity, and Man in spite of his own ability has consistently bowed to this perceived “greater-ness”.  From where did Man derive guilt but from consciousness, and where from consciousness but knowledge of oneself.
Sin is when ability supersedes necessity.
Man finds guilt in desire, knowing he Can take even if he does not Need to. Man is what he is on account of desire. Knowing his guilt he acknowledges God, not as an idea, but as an Entity, Perfection in a Person.
All Would Speak Truth But For Fear.
Truth has always been the standard of Man.
Every voice could speak truth openly, yet other powers exist to induce Fear that they should. Those powers are both internal and external. Man’s God has reinforced the notion of Truth as an Absolute, and a measuring of his own standing. In this it is an acknowledgement of forces other than God that operate. We hold back knowing the consequences of Absolute Truth.
What is Mankind for, but God?
The existence we have here is inexplicable to naked facts. It doesn’t make any sense. Six thousand years after his Awakening Man has yet to understand from whence he came. What is Truth? What is God? What is Love? These ideas have been at the core of every human civilization. They are universal questions that Man will always struggle with. That Man struggles is not the issue. It is whether anyone else is taking notice.

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