Sunday, March 6, 2011

Black-Holing In On Itself

It is in times such as these, more so than in "better" times, that all we perceive comes down to Truth.
On either side of political beliefs there is the conviction of one's own truth as opposed to the other's, each certain that they are holding to the "truest" principals. Law is stretched this way and that in order to make enforce one or other "truths", so to speak. And religion, the heartbeat of a human beings most intimate concept of order in the universe, hinges solely upon Truth.
It all boils down to who and what we believe in.
If our times could speak any one word, that it could echo across the coming decades, that word would be "deceit". Deceit in the media, deceit in the leadership, and deceit in the marketplace. All else plastic and recyclable is held up in grinning faces, pacifier films, and colored charts to the background of primitive music. It must be accepted that words from any government can not be trusted. If they have proved so futile up until now, why should any new promises, declarations, or reports change what has already been established as a trend?
Now we are hearing that the financial tsunami is rolling and our shores are ill-equipped to withstand it. A tsunami? Indeed, of abandoned Dollars coming in from the Middle East, Europe, and China. A literal flood of excess money, which is the absolute cause of inflation. Oil is going up, as there is a critical energy producing region being fed flames by it's western masters. The effect should certainly instigate the already savage eventuality of a fragile global economic construct black-holing on it's own enormous debt.
This is scary stuff.
If I could ask one thing, however, it is for our truths to be our own. We take comfort in it, and it shelters us from collapsing into the basest of creatures in the worst of times. I will take pride in my God, and you should all do the same. Don't worry about our opinions, because as this unfolds it is our shared humanity, our shared sense of self and others that our faith tells us to cherish. We have a truth, and it is our foundation.
Our own Truth, be it religion or no, our own personal truth is our guide. We must not allow our society, our neighborhoods--our civilization--to be devoured by the corrupt. If our collective law has failed us, it is not because we do not have Law even among ourselves. It is already part of our fabric as human beings. Our law is a law of freedom, justice, and truth. Not for myself, but for others. We will need this. We will need to cling, at times desperately, to our humanity.
When the pundits drag in the cameras and their commentary to the burning streets of the United States of America, show them the honor, show them the integrity, and the strength of our people that we held together. In towns and villages, rural and urban, let them find the working man, the working woman, the people of the land, organizing for their own general welfare. Not because we will want to, but because we will need to.

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  1. I agree with you Chuck. And you mentioned the government being filled with deceit. Remember also non government entities as well, a huge one being the private sector. The private sector is full of lies too.