Friday, March 18, 2011

The Age of Perpetual Disaster

Perpetual Disaster seems to be the new normal, at least in those disasters whose resolution hinges on man made structures. This current crisis is similar to the Gulf oil fiasco that seemed to get worse and worse everyday. It is the same slow motion escalation of events, moments of fear met by long periods of silent foreboding. In the case of the Gulf oil spill, it's magnitude wasn't appreciated early on, yet when investigations were made in earnest, the earliest estimates were found to be severely off the mark.
How could it not be the same here, where potentially six nuclear reactors may all be leaking radiation in the course of meltdown? The question is not if it could happened, but "Can we trust them to tell us if it already has happened?" Clearly a number of foreign governments do not trust the spokespersons for either the Japanese government or the Tokyo electricity company that runs the reactors. That so many are readily dismissive can only mean that the disaster is a clear threat, not only for the immediate time, but potential weeks or even months into the future.
A wave of radiation is about to sweep perpetually over the United States, California specifically! Our nation is in REAL DANGER and our government seems to be doing very little about it aside from coaching on the sidelines. No, the chance to smack around Qaddafi is too good to miss, and there are other issues besides the possible radioactive destruction of the northern hemisphere, like a trip to South America or sparring with the Congressional Budget Office.

Ask yourself, "What is being done, or needs to be done, to secure the reactors in Japan, and who is in charge of doing it?"
"What actions are being taken by the Federal Government on this crisis, as it is a clear threat to the United States?"
"Are there procedures in effect to deal with any quarantine of radiated areas or facilities that might assist in the care and supervision of victims of radiation exposure?"
"Are we taking the situation seriously enough, given ramifications that are absolutely detrimental to the country as this drama continues?"

One thing can be asked: if there is able to be seen imagery from satellites that could clearly illustrate the growth and path of the radiation around the reactors as winds take it to and fro? Then we would have an accurate estimate of dose and proximity for each wave of radiation. Whether or not this has been done, can be done, or is available elsewhere--let me know!
But thus far there is no indication that a "cloud" or concentration of radiation is imminent. although the risk increases with each passing day, especially as there is no clear "endgame" in sight. With the Internet and social media, such a revelation would spread like wildfire.

For now,  just like the Gulf oil spill, we are paused and watching, fearful of the reality we're told about, yet more frightened for what isn't being said. In this case, it is the health of our people, our economy, and our well-being as a continent that is at stake.
Anxious, I watch and I wait...

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