Saturday, June 25, 2011

They Will Crush Us All

It's obvious to the global elite that the world is broken and it needs to be fixed. The current crisis in economics, ecology, and energy is their announcement that they intend to wipe clean this current post-industrialist system of political and financial control and replace it with another. They are effectively tearing the crown from the Emporers' head and forcing it down upon another brow....China's perhaps? or Russia's?
The logic is simple. Because these post-industrial nations can no longer afford to offer open wallets to cheap, disposable goods, nor continue the debt-slavery system, they would have to be reconstructed and "downsized" as it were. Others have voiced their warnings about a coming "world war", and to some extent they are right. However, it is more likely to begin like that of 1789 rather than 1914 or 1939. In order for such a sudden shift of power from one sphere to another to take place, there must be a decisive defeat of the intended victim, the very will of the people to resist having to be completely eroded. It spells utter ruin. And it is their way of exacting from us what they believe we owe them; a "settling of the books" you might say.
They are determined to crush us, we the people of the western world. Whether we fight back or not, they will crush us just the same.
They will crush us all, just the same.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today we are standing at a crossroads. Behind us is the worst economic tragedy to ever occur in human history. With it has come the worst environmental catastrophe to ever occur. As we look forward, we look forward to continuing trials, continuing crisis, and ever more insurmountable challenges.

Do not think as you look back from this point that you are looking back at the night and are approaching morning. You are not approaching morning. You have barely yet seen the night, let alone midnight.

You are in darkness. You are entering night, and the day is far from you. You will not see daylight for a long time, and for those of you who have been paying close attention, those who have looked for the truth, those who have cast off the deceptive rhetoric of our corporate and government leaders and worked hard to untangle all manner of lies, diversions, and deceptions, you know this is true! You have studied your history, your economics, your globalization. You know what's going on. But for many, many people it is a great shock, a disappoint, even a terrible fear, that we have not yet begun to see the full consequences of a crisis that began ever so innocently in 2006-2007 and came to a head in the Fall of 2008.

Now these "professionals" are going to tell you that the stock market is up! Don't worry! We are actually in recovery! They will point to growth forecasts, to jobless numbers, to hiring practises, to manufacturing numbers. Yeah, okay. For an average citizen you look at this data and think that maybe there is something to it. Maybe you are just one person out of a few who is struggling. Maybe it isn't all that bad, right?

No, it's not that bad--IT'S WORSE! The numbers they give are skewed. The facts they present are lies. The data they provide is cooked like the financial books the banks use to say they aren't insolvent, and believe me, they are insolvent! Here we are with the home team down 53-0 and we keep dropping passes and fumbling the ball away. It feels like it's the fourth quarter, but it's only the FIRST HALF! Yeah, it's going to get worse, and it sucks to say that. It sucks to say, and you know why?

I'm saying our leadership is not incompetent, our banks are not reluctant, and corporations are not cautious. For any of that to be true, we would have to think that these guys have their heads under the hood and they are tweeking every spark plug and every wire and every spring and every gasket to get this car started. But that isn't what's happening. What they're doing is sitting down at the bar with the money you paid them to fix your car and they are drinking it away! They have no intention of fixing that car! They will do anything BUT fix it, because they are getting paid NOT to fix it, even as they insist that it's the first thing on their mind!

Our leadership can only be incompetent if they are attempting to do something, and then only if we really think they are. They told us they were going to turn the economy around and get people back to work, right? Technically they didn't lie. They never said how far they were going to turn it around or exactly how many people were going to get back to work. And in all honesty they have done a lot to help the people in trouble. Trouble is, we aren't those people. We're not CEO's, we aren't chairmen, owners, interests, managers, or any of that. In other words, we are at the bottom of this two-tiered society, and they are at the top. So, yeah, they are helping out the people---the people that count!

But what's worse than that is that instead of even trying to solve the problem, they are actually making it worse. They are forcing the dollar down, they are edging us closer to insolvency as a nation, closer to a lower overall rating, and closer to reneging on our national debt. They are making it worse, and they are making it worse because their patrons are the very people who destroyed our lives and destroyed our economy in the first place. These are campaign contributors. These are the folks paying $15,000 a plate to have dinner and maybe a little "face time" with the president. This is their game. This is their show.

This is their country.

It's always darkest before the dawn, right? Man, it aint even dark yet. It's not morning, it's not 3 am, it isn't even midnight! We are only just now entering the night and it will be a LONG night, it will be a DARK night, and it will be a HARD night. And we don't know when we're coming out of it!

They keep saying that this is the new normal.

Unemployment at 8%, 9%, or even 10% is NORMAL? Homelessness is the new normal! Poverty is the new normal! Foreclosure, food stamps, poison fish, and Fukushima radiation is the NEW normal!

Okay, so they have the night, right? They have the cards, they have game, they have the future, right?

I say, NO WAY!

They don't have my house! They don't have MY job! They don't have MY future! They are on the side of GREED, on the side of DISPAIR, on the side of DESTITUTION, on the side of WRONG!

It is WRONG that we should suffer these indignities, it is WRONG that we should starve while golden toilet seats and multi-million dollar yachts and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th homes are bought and sold and filled with the most ridiculous items at the most ridiculous prices, and WHY?


They are taking OUR money and gambling on Wall Street, OUR money and building new slave factories in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philipines, OUR money they use to grease the wheels of "democracy" in their favor, OUR money they use to keep us DOWN, to keep us DISTRACTED, and to keep us DEPRESSED!




They aren't gonna take me down, I'M GOING TO TAKE THEM DOWN! Let THEM suffer penniless in the back alleys and abandoned parking lots, and under bridges and patches of woods, in tents, and cardboard cities, standing in line for a meal, for a handout for a better SOMETHING on any given day! Let them be EMBARASSED, HUMILIATED, SCORNED, and DENIED!

Let THEM go down!

Because I'm not going down! And no one SHOULD go down. Not one of us. Not today. Not tommorow.

Stay in your homes, hide your car around the corner, and stop them any way you can. If the choice is to go down because GREEDY WALL STREET POLITICIANS AND ECONOMIC TERRORISTS WHO STOLE $14 TRILLION ARE DEVALUING YOUR EXISTENCE, or to STAND, I say STAND!

This is MY life, this is MY future, this MY tommorow, and don't let anyone take that away. We don't have to bow our heads, we don't have to retreat, we don't have to buck up and take it, WE HAVE TO SPEAK, we have MARCH, we have to GET LOUD!

It's YOUR country, damnit, so TAKE IT! Stop listening to their lies, stop believing their nonesense, stop LETTING THEM DECIDE!

It's our country.

It's our world.

It's OUR decision.

And it's time to stand up and MAKE A DECISION.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


It seems like the surging Dow Jones has finally hit a significant rut. Consider the period from 9/08 to 9/09 where it was steady decline followed by the sputtering from QE1 ramping things up a bit. I recall that around this time last year(really 2nd Quarter) it started to drop back, followed by significant stagnation in the economy as a whole heading into last summer. This year has repeated for the most part the same ups and downs, only the months above 12k have been short. As of last Friday the Dow is back under 12k again after spend most of 2011 above that.
Thought it might be a good time, therefore, to eyeball the nations ten largest banks and where their "assets" are at. I use quotations because these assets are really liabilities--that is, on the balance sheets and potentially redeemable, but who knows what they really are. At this point, the paint coloring the bricks on the outside of a banks headquarters could be somehow fixed into a security and collateralized for a quick turn on the repo market. Funny, huh? Yeah, well don't laugh too hard because that is about where it's at. For all intents and purposes our entire financial system is insolvent. These so-called assets couldn't be liquidated or even redeemed because they have already been leveraged against the banks debt. Thus the house of cards gets bigger, but it still couldn't support a single resident. 
Largest Banks in U.S.
(in thousands of U.S. dollars)

1.Bank of America Corp.Charlotte, N.C.$2,340,667,014
2.J. P. Morgan Chase & CompanyNew York, N.Y.2,135,796,000
3.CitigroupNew York, N.Y2,002,213,000
4.Wells Fargo & CompanySan Francisco, C.A.1,223,630,000
5.Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.New York, N.Y.880,677,000
6.Morgan StanleyNew York, N.Y.819,719,000
7.Metlife, Inc.New York, N.Y.565,566,452
8.Barclays Group US, Inc.Wilmington, Del.427,837,000
9.Taunus CorporationNew York, N.Y.364,079,000
10.HSBC North America Inc. New York, N.Y345,382,871
As of Mar. 31, 2010.
Source: Federal Reserve System, National Information Center.

Read more: The Top Ten: Largest Banks in U.S. —

Check out a website called RepoWatch and read up on the repurchase market--the "shadow banking system" that everyone has been talking about. You might walk away a little disillusioned, but better educated as well. After all, if you're on a boat in the middle of the ocean heading for a storm, you want to know what the hull is made of right? Sorry to be the guy who whispers "cardboard" in your ear.