Saturday, June 25, 2011

They Will Crush Us All

It's obvious to the global elite that the world is broken and it needs to be fixed. The current crisis in economics, ecology, and energy is their announcement that they intend to wipe clean this current post-industrialist system of political and financial control and replace it with another. They are effectively tearing the crown from the Emporers' head and forcing it down upon another brow....China's perhaps? or Russia's?
The logic is simple. Because these post-industrial nations can no longer afford to offer open wallets to cheap, disposable goods, nor continue the debt-slavery system, they would have to be reconstructed and "downsized" as it were. Others have voiced their warnings about a coming "world war", and to some extent they are right. However, it is more likely to begin like that of 1789 rather than 1914 or 1939. In order for such a sudden shift of power from one sphere to another to take place, there must be a decisive defeat of the intended victim, the very will of the people to resist having to be completely eroded. It spells utter ruin. And it is their way of exacting from us what they believe we owe them; a "settling of the books" you might say.
They are determined to crush us, we the people of the western world. Whether we fight back or not, they will crush us just the same.
They will crush us all, just the same.

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