Saturday, December 1, 2012

Anarchist Solidarity with the Greeks

This is an appeal to help the anarchists in Greece who are now being threatened by the establishment for their opposition to continued austerity measures in that country meant to balance an unbalancable budget and make sure that bloated financial interests get their money--in blood if they must.

The struggle in Greece and in Europe as a whole--in Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, and Italy particularly--is a clear precurser to what we can expect in the United States. While the public image of anarchists as portrayed by popular media is one of simple thugs and terrorists, in reality anarchists have a clear view of the weight that government bears on the working class while it remains an instrument of coercion, extortion, and hostility in the hands of the wealthy and powerful---international finance, central banks, and global corporate elite.

Even as this struggle unfolds in Europe, and continues in the United States, President Obama and a cohort of globalist allies are continuing to craft the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP), an insidiuous new take on "free-trade" that is being stewed to fruition by 600 international corporations and 11 nations that ring the Pacific Ocean. This battle for social and economic justice has only just begun around the world.

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