Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jesus Or Mohammed?


(This is a response to a Youtube post concerning Zeitgeist, Religion and Sunday; as usual, a video filled with outright falsehoods and inaccuracies, and leveling the familiar anti-semetic cry of “corrupt Jews”. My original response would not be posted by Facebook, and my account froze immediately after my attempt to post this response. I present it here in full.)


Gotta say, a good bit o horse shit going on here. The coming of Christ was prophesied by Isaiah, by Moses, by Daniel, by Jeremiah, etc. When he says "If you have seen me you have seen the Father", what do you think he meant? When he is called the "Lamb of God", what do you think is inferred? Yeshua Mesha=Jesus Christ, and we know, likewise, that the bulk of the New testament books were already being copied and distributed before 70 AD and the fall of the temple--the fall prophesied by Christ in three of the four gospels. When Christianity is brought into disrepute by the idea that from copies and translations you have lost the truth, and that there is no historical proof of Christ, the New Testament is in actuality 27 sepaerate historical documents relating to Christ, THREE OF WHICH ARE EYE-WITNESS ACCOUNTS! Furthermore, the entire idea about "Sunday" and December 25 is spurious from the get-go because there is NOTHING in Bible to say that Christ was born on "Christmas", nor is there any way that ancient Egyptians would have had a "Decemeber" in the first place. It is a ROMAN month representing the TENTH month of the year, shifted to the 12th month so that July and August could represent Julius and Augustus Caesar. That the early Christians met on the First Day(not called by "sunday" by them as they were Jewish) was representative of Christs resurrection on the First Day, and there is no indication at all that these Jewish believers ever stopped hoinoring the Sabbath. Finally, the last bit about "corrupt Jews and Romans" is flat out uneducated crap. Christ is the Hebrew/Jewish Messiah. His death was foretold, as was his resurrection. He knew he would be rejected. Just read Daniel 9 and you'll see what the angel told Daniel about the Messiah's coming. Likewise, once the Apostle Paul took the message to the Gentiles the religion spread beyond measure--NOT because of the "corrupt Jews and Romans" but IN SPITE OF THEM! Very disappointing to see another instance of disinformative drivel on Youtube. Almost done here. About Islam. Mohammud went into the desert and came back with HIS OWN WRITINGS about God honoring him. Christ wrote NOT A SINGLE WORD. Odd that the Quran must be memorized, seeing as, like Joseph Smith, this guy cooked up a new religion and fed it to the misguided masses. If, as he said, Mohammud were from the same as Abraham, Moses, and Christ, HE WOULD HAVE PREACHED JESUS CHRIST AS SAVIOR! He did not. He took the Tora and perverted it to his own will and then passed it off as the WORD OF GOD. Sorry, just not buying it. I have no gripe with Islam or Mulsims, except that stumble where they try to equate their faith with that of the Old Testament and the Bible. Just not true. All you have to do is read from the Bible and the read from the Quran and you will see the difference. There is one name I know of by which men are saved--GRANTED THE GRACE OF FORGIVENESS FROM SINS TO BE SEEN AS HOLY AND JUST IN THE EYES OF ALMIGHTY GOD BASED SOLELY ON THE BLOOD OF THE SINLESS LAMB OF GOD--Jesus the Christ, Yeshua Mesha, Joshua Messiah. This is no other name.

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