Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And So It Begins

Introduction: The blog name says it all.
If you know me, there you go. If not, you will soon enough.
I am a bit of a kook at times, alternately brash and insightful. I have a good backround for "useless information", as it were, but as it tends to be more facts and figures, I use it to my advantage. I have a nasty tendency to speak my mind in most situations, especially when offered inaccurate or misguided statements from people in general. Am I a soap-boxer? I suppose so.
As far as whether I am liberal, conservative, religious, or whatever, it really depends on the topic and the context.
Let's just say I am "fair-minded". That is, I take that point of view which seems to me to be the most just and equitable for all concerned. However, I am also likely to dig for the facts if challenged, and will readily admit my own false position or statement if I find I myself am wrong in a point or opinion.

I offer this blog as my thoughts and opinions on what we are doing here, where we're going, and what I think can be deduced from the people and events we come across in these extremely interesting and difficult times. I will aim not to be adversarial if possible, but I will not promise that I will not be livid at times, despondent at others, or just down right pissed off some days.
What I do offer is honesty, as sincerely as I can.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this blog ends up as good as I hope it will be for me, for you also.

Chuck Moon

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