Monday, October 18, 2010

Banking Fraud+Government Indifference=Open Rebellion

There's no need to review everything right here concerning the current foreclosure crisis and it's roots (to be found in the "lost" notes relating to millions of residential, and perhaps also commercial, mortgages). Peruse any of the blogs listed to your right and you will find, if you are diligent and a discerning reader, evidence enough of a persistent conspiracy involving forgery, fraud, larceny, falsified documents, and evidence tampering in literally millions of foreclosure cases, and likely millions of mortgages as well. The FBI knew this in 2004 when their investigations of what was then purported to be systemic fraud in foreclosures was halted by George W. Bush in favor of harassing Muslim-Americans. You'll kindly note the frequent use of paid informants who pretend to be "terrorists" and entrap their prey into plots of their own design and then unmask the diabolical "attack" that these unsuspecting dupes are then charged with. It is a notorious excess of officials framing suspects, and is the reason that foreclosure fraud was dropped. Obviously proving to Americans that their fellow citizens are a serious threat is more important than proving that the real threat is the banking industry.
Thus far, since 2008 and the epic financial "collapse" engineered by those banks, no one has ever been charged with any crime for the manipulation of MBS ratings, the insider trading by investment banks by betting against the faulty securities they were selling, the stream-lined, tax evasive use of MERS to create MBS', or the myriad of criminal activities surrounding foreclosures in general since at least 2004, much less the deceptive swindling that erased billions of dollars in an engineered stock market crash and decimated the economy. NO ONE HAS BEEN CHARGED WITH A CRIME!
This means that BANKS are above the law, the ratings agencies like Moody's are above the law, the mortgage lenders, the foreclosure mills, the Federal Reserve, and all other entities and individuals involved in this monumental crime against the people of the United States are ALL clearly above any law of the land in these United States.
What does this mean, exactly?
It means that RIGHT NOW the Federal Government of the United States, either acting in it's own capacity or with the collusion of other entities, has the unchallenged ability to:
--seize you and/or your property without due process of law
--use warrant less surveillance to spy on you
--arrest you with no evidence whatsoever and hold you indefinitely
--take your children from you
--break into your home and confiscate any property they wish in pursuance of "evidence" of a crime they don't have to tell you that you're being investigated for
--track you via the GPS device attached to your automobile whole you sleep
--outright kill you if you are presumed to be a viable threat to the national security interests of the United States

What does this tell you?
We are no longer even a shadow of a republic. The central government is a circus operated to keep us all amused while the real power activated by President Bush the day of 9/11 continues to exercise authority and enforce laws contrary to the Constitution because clearly THE CONSTITUTION IS NO LONGER THE LAW OF THE LAND.
There is no other viable explanation for the chain of events that have occurred over the past nine years that have been consistent violations of the rights and liberties that Americans have always assumed to be theirs as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America. The Continuity of Government provisions have already been enacted, and since WE ARE STILL UNDER MULTIPLE NATIONAL EMERGENCIES the law is whatever the President or any authority ABOVE him says it is.

The rules have changed indeed.
Today, Bank of America announced that the supposed discrepancies in their "foreclosures" are anomalies, there is no fraud, and they can proceed as planned. Expect the 50 Attorney's General of the US to follow suit by saying there is no real fraud to uncover, only systematic errors.
Not OUR lives.
Not our CHILDREN'S lives.
Not our homes, our jobs, our livelihoods.
The only thing that counts in the US is MONEY AND POWER.

Just take the three most appalling rulings the Supreme Court has given in recent years and you'll see that the United States has become, not a de facto fascist state, but an ACTUAL fascist state:
>>The ruling on Eminent Domain that allows the government to bulldoze neighborhoods like so many Palestinian towns on the right side of the fence--small wonder that the banks feel just as justified in kicking the rabble to the curb for their own best interests
>>The ruling on the Unitary Executive that gives the President an authority of scope and breadth that NO president except perhaps FDR ever had to wield
>>The Citizens United provision that allows for UNLIMITED and ANONYMOUS contributions from Corporations under Free Speech because corporations are considered by law to be "persons".

These three rulings alone show a distinct bend from Constitutional Law to Corporate Subservience, which should be no surprise to the millions of intelligent, aware, and concerned citizens who are rightly outraged that their very way of life is being completely undermined by federal power and corporate greed.
What choices are left? Elections are a sham, controlled and focused by think-tanks, PAC's, and the media outlets who offer their puppets to the public. Congress is a wasteland of self-serving "representatives" whose primary objective is to get re-elected AS SOON AS THEY GET THEIR OFFICE! It is a sham! It is a DISGRACE what we have as working government today.
The amount of corruption at every level of government from municipal to central is absolutely atrocious. It is, indeed, beyond repair, and any attempt to make an effectual, meaningful repair will be met by the only the weapon the government has to support itself, and that is the military. Even if the people did dare raise their heads, the military, the police, and the agencies stand ready to crack skulls and riddle bodies at will, ever the obedient soldiers to their masters--not us, the citizens who they are supposedly serving to protect, but the Federal Government who they have already sworn to protect from any enemies "foreign or domestic".

Consider yourself warned. The red flag is out, the game is afoot, and the masters are prepared to devalue our currency, raid our homes, dispossess us of all we own, and we leave as the only competition to the slave labor they enrich themselves off of in China--SLAVE LABOR HERE IN THE STATES.

When banking fraud is met with government indifference, the only logical reaction after so many years of crime, corruption, and betrayal is open rebellion.

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