Friday, November 5, 2010


Brain Candy Tuesday

Wow! What an exciting election season! Money all over the place, revolution of the dusty, pull-the-lever variety heightening anticipation of a general congressional renewal at the expense of a party disgraced. And don't forget the dashing sweep upward into notoriety and legitimacy of the rabid and biting Tea Party movement. This is great stuff to watch! And that is what I did. I watched.
   It shouldn't surprise any intelligent television viewer that the "He Bad, Me Good" neanderthal mantras of deep-pocketed campaign committees and manipulating corporations has been all over the broadcast spectrum. Will this one win or that one boils down to one simple question--have we pummeled the electorate with enough propaganda nonsense to drive even more people away from the polls? That's the idea, after all. You don't want people actively participating, you want the fewest number of voters as possible, because that gives you best shot at winning. Think of it as a poker game. Your objective is to bring the odds of winning as much in your favor as possible, and when you put money down, you are doing so to drive players out, not bring players in.
   Every politician "knows" that the voting population is a pack of morons. These stupid animals would gnaw their own tongues off if they had nothing to talk about, right? And heck, you want to give the average citizen more credit, a bit higher of an average IQ rating, but they are just such suckers for anything you tell them! Well, best to keep those idiots away from a ballot because as well as being stupid, they are also highly emotional. If they get cut off at a traffic light between here and the polling station, they could be voting the other way in an instant! Which doesn't matter anyway because with all the rigging going on, the lower real numbers that come in the better. We want the zombie votes to be the swing, right?
   Of course, the comedic value of political incompetence goes way down when you drive around seeing closed up stores, empty houses, a surpising number of people walking or riding a bicycle, and the ever increasing price of...well, everything.

Begin Year Three

Yup, here we are still in economic decline, or at best, stagnation. Again, this is what we were all warned would would happen if Congress did not approve the $700 billion bail-out of 2008! Yeah. Well, they approved it, and here we are 24 months later(and change, really) with the same problem we had to begin with, only now that problem is getting worse and worse. Of course, the Federal Reserve feels that our problems aren't enough and he is creating more as we speak.
   Case in point--inflation. Now me, I always thought that paying more for something than you did yesterday was a bad thing, but according to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, it is actually a good thing and we should want more of it. Why?
   Hmmmm. Why? Good question.
   He doesn't have any good answer either. All he knows is that his mandate is make slaves out of Americans(north and south, mind you--we've been halfway there for a couple of hundred years), and ensure the profits of the entrenched business classes--which are the conglomerates and the bankers who made it all possible. Meanwhile, our nation, the US, goes further into debt and closer to complete economic ruin.
Isn't it funny that the same man who claimed Federal Reserve responsibility for the Great Depression of 1929-1941 continues to follow the same policies that perpetuate the Great Depression of 2008-2020?
   Yeah, you read it right--The Great Depression of 2008-2020!
   There is nothing new to learn in economics, folks. It's a math, not a science.

In The Trenches

As of this writing I am again layed-off from work. The writing was on the wall for the past few months, of course, but this year is the earliest that I have ever been let go. Likely they will call me back in January some time and we'll see what the next few months after that shape into.
   The new labor stats are all BULLSHIT by the way. They will not take into account the fact that 350,000 unemployed will be moving off of assistance, and not on account of finding a job. These will be the next wave of "99ers" that have officially exhausted their benefits. Why they do not rate as "unemployed" I am not sure--except that is one more accounting tool in the government toolbox they use to manipulate numbers and deceive the people as to how bad it really is.
   How bad is it really?
* technically, the US debt is around $50 trillion
* there are approximately 27 million unemployed workers today, which is an unemployment rate of 19.2%
* US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq continue to attempt to occupy nations against the will of fierce and persistent resistance--while contractors continue to feed from the public trough to the tune of several trillion dollars to date in these conflicts
* thanks to the newly announced cash infusion of almost $1 trillion by the Federal Reserve, we are that much closer to international abandonment of the dollar, the beginning of hyperinflation, and the utter collapse of society as a whole in the United States. Everybody say "Thank You, Ben!"
   "Thank you, Ben!"

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